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Child Growth Monitor App Userinterface

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Mothers and governmental frontline workers often fail to detect severe malnutrition of children. As a result, they do not help the child in the right way.

The magnitude of a nutrition crises – both in emergencies and chronic hunger situations – is often blurred. This hinders a determined response by emergency workers as well as policy makers.


We provide a game-changer in measurement and data processing for malnourished children under the age of 5 years.

It is a fool proof solution based on a mobile app using augmented reality in combination with artificial intelligence. By determining weight and height through a 3D scan of children, the app can instantly detect malnutrition.

Offline Enabled

All you need in the field is a smartphone with AR capabilities!

Accurate Measurement

We use smartphone sensors and artificial intelligence to produce high accuracy results!

Immediate Data

Fast assessment of whole regions and interfaces to existing solutions enable immediate action against hunger!

Open Source

We are building the most transparent and democratic solution possible. Any participation is welcome!

Innovative Measurement.
Reliable Monitoring.

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